Custom publishing's service is dependable, friendly and willing to listen to our needs.
- Claudia Morataya
USC Marshall School of Business

Interfacing with the USC Custom Publishing has been my distinct and extreme pleasure for nearly twenty years. All employees (faculty, staff and students) are treated by the USC Custom Publishing staff with upmost respect and you leave with a sense/feeling of accomplishment.
I cannot give Custom Publishing's staff enough positive feedback about the quality of work, dedication of the staff and the quick turnaround of our faculty/lecturers course reader packets each semester year after year. -Martha P. Maimone, M.S., TESOL, USC Rossier School of Education
USC Marshall School of Business (long term employee) and Adjunct Professor at Glendale Community College

I have worked with the Custom Publishing staff for over a decade. I have found their staff to be detail oriented, good communicators and responsive to all our request in a very timely manner.
-Sherlie Knox, Assistant Director
Executive MBA Programs

UCP handles all of my copyright clearance needs with speed and accuracy. The staff is friendly, responsive and always helps me meet my deadlines. The folks at UCP have proven invaluable for my custom publishing needs.
-Nathan J. Wright, Custom Publishing Coordinator
SFSU Bookstore

University Custom Publishing has consistently provided above-and-beyond customer service for me. They respond to emails quickly. I usually get someone on the phone when I call, or will get a prompt call back when I leave a message. I've had to handle some difficult reader situations and I could not have asked for more from University Custom Publishing.
-Rich Berberian, Senior Textbook Manager
ASUC Bookstore
U.C. Berkeley

I feel you have been very responsive to my requests for three major Readers every semester. It's been very helpful to me to have a point of contact that I can access and rely on to pull these major documents together. I have been very pleased with this!
Second, you have been very helpful to me in producing the "vouchers" for my outdoor team-building activities for my MBA class in the spring, and for my undergrad classes in the fall of 2009. This is been an enormous help to have the money exchanged in the bookstore for the vouchers, and not in the classroom or other places. You have made this process very smooth for me and my students over that last few years (I believe five years, since spring of 2007). This service has been above the requirements we usually try to serve! I thank you for both of these contributions to my classes, and look forward to working with you in the future!
-Prof Robert B. Turrill, PhD
Marshall School of Business

I am the textbook coordinator for my department and I have always used the services of USC Custom Publishing whenever a professor required a course reader. USC Custom Publishing's services are top-notch, and the convenience of having it in house make it possible to communicate directly with pre and post production personnel any time of the day. I especially like the fact that in using their services we are able to keep money within the USC community by supporting services that utilize USC employees.
-Linda Ramos
Ph.D. Administrative Coordinator
Leventhal School of Accounting

Stanford Custom Publishing performs a complex service with ease and aplomb. In a process rife with details that could be bungled, Custompubs consistently catches glitches before they happen. I discard advertisements from competing off-campus services as none could improve upon the convenience, accuracy and excellent staff at our own bookstore.
-Elissa Hirsh
Stanford Center on Adolescence

I've used the bookstore's Custom Publishing for Prof. Tse's course reader for years. It's convenient that you are on campus and I can drop off the material to you plus be able to ask questions. Best of all is the fact that it is easy for students in the class to buy the reader and to order a copy if you are sold out.

I am extremely happy with the services rendered by the USC Custom Publishing to the USC community. My students are able to get my class notes printed in time at an affordable price. The staff at the Custom Publishing are exemplary. They are dedicated to their work and are ready to help the faculty with any problem, all with a smile!
-Gandhi Puvvada
USC Professor of Engineering Practice

I have always had a positive experience dealing with Custom Publishing on campus. The staff members have always been professional, cordial, and helpful, and communicating with them by phone or email is always hassle-free.
More importantly, the Course Readers requested have always been on the shelves by the promised date and prepared according to specifications.
-Reka Clausen
Assistant Professor
American Language Institute
University of Southern California

The customer service never disappoints. I especially appreciate their flexibility in pricing to build a course reader that will meet cost expectations, and the very professional look of the finished product.
-Linda Ramos
Leventhal School of Accounting/Marshall School of Business

USC Custom Publishing always provide faculty with timely, thorough and professionally quality customized work from copyright clearance to assembly.
Our faculty and students are always satisfied from the start to delivery. Staffers maintain great communication and high standards of excellence.
-Stella Lopez

The Custom Publishing Team is professional, courteous, friendly, understanding, always there to answer andy questions or concerns that I might have.
Great work ethics. Prompt service.
I really enjoy working with such a great team.
-Roxanna S. Harvey
University of Southern California
Rossier School of Education

USC Publishing has been an excellent and reliable resource for me and my students. The staff has consistently provided a high level of service, including locating materials, managing copyright issues, and handling requests in a timely way. They are helpful and accommodating - true partners for the academic community.
-Professor J. Blumenthal
Marshall School of Business|Dept. of Management and Organization
University of Southern California